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What you're really afraid of

It’s January and a lot of us are thinking about the new year, the future, what we would like to accomplish.

It’s fun to dream, to wish.

But when it comes to setting goals and taking action to make those dreams come true, that’s another story.

What if I fail?

Why is the thought of failure so scary?

I don’t think it’s the actual outcome of failure that we are afraid of.

I think it’s what you will make the failure mean about you and how you will talk to yourself.

You aren’t really afraid of failure - you’re afraid of feeling bad.

We try something new. We fail. We beat ourselves up. We feel awful. We quit.


Some of us have figured out the secret of accomplishing goals from a place of peace and love and maybe even fun.

We fail and feel amazing because we tell ourselves, good job for trying. I’m figuring this out. I’m one step closer.

We feel proud and motivated

We understand that failing is a normal part of life.

It’s the process of learning.


When babies are learning to walk they need to fail over and over again in order to build the muscles that will equip them to achieve the goal of walking.

It’s part of the process.

Without the falling, without the failure, they would never build up the strength to achieve the goal of walking.

And how do we talk to babies who are trying to walk?

Do we berate them? Do we tell them they are never gonna get this?

Do we call them stupid or lazy or say, who do you think you are?

Of course not.

We say, good job! Keep trying! I’m so proud of you! Yay! Almost there! You can do it!

We feel bad because of the way we talk to ourselves.

We quit trying because we want to feel better.


So, if what your brain is really afraid of is your self-talk, what is the solution?

Commit to never beating up on yourself again.

You can decide today to change the way you talk to yourself.

It takes practice and time to build a new relationship with you.

A relationship built on trust, kindness, and love.

But it literally takes one second to decide.

Take the first step today.

You can do it. Keep trying. I’m so proud of you. You’ve got this!


If you’re ready to create your most amazing year yet. I would love to support you!

I teach my clients how to create more confidence, time, freedom, money, and love.

They have better relationships with themselves and with others all while learning to accomplish their dreams from a place of peace and ease.

See what my clients have to say about working with me on my home page!

Have an amazing week and be nice to yourself.

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