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I'm a life and mindset coach.

I’m Marcy and I help you create the life that you want by literally rewiring your amazing brain so you can get there fast – without the stress or overwhelm.


Life is short! Why waste another minute trying to figure this out on your own?


So many of us are stuck in some area of our life.

  • We struggle with our weight or emotional eating

  • We never seem to have enough time, money or love

  • We’re stressed out and overwhelmed and just want to feel better

  • We want to live a life of purpose and meaning


And I get it.


For much of my life I struggled in all these areas. I was overweight and addicted to junk food. I was in a bad marriage struggling to make ends meet and constantly in a state of stress and exhaustion. I thought I tried everything.

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Then I discovered coaching.


I learned science-based mindset tools and techniques that helped me create real, permanent change so I can now live my life with passion, purpose and peace.


I can help you do the same. You can get unstuck in any area of your life and learn how to never be stuck again.

I use my extensive professional training to help you retrain your brain.

I’m trained in psychology, communication, weight loss, relationship and life coaching.

  • BA., in Psychology and Interpersonal Communication from The Ohio State University

  • Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School

  • Certified as a Mind Body Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

  • Extensive training in weight loss, relationship and life coaching

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