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Your relationship with money

Did you know that you have a relationship with money?

Just like our relationship with ourselves and with others, how we think about it, feel about it and act toward it determines our relationship with it.

What we think about money determines how much we create, how much we keep, and what we do with it.

We can create awareness of our money mindset by asking,

if money were a person what would our relationship with them be like?








Do you complain about them?

Do you tell them they aren’t enough?

Do you think they never come through for you?

Are you critical and hard on them?

Do you think you aren’t worthy of them?

That they are too good for someone like you?

Are you unconsciously rejecting them with your thoughts, feelings, and actions?


It matters how you think about your money.

How you think about it will determine how you treat it.

How you treat it will determine if it sticks around and if it grows.

Your current result with money will reveal your relationship.

Be conscious. Be intentional.

Imagine your relationship with money as a person

and choose to love, trust, respect, invite, and welcome it.

Have an amazing week!


If you’re ready to create the best year yet, I would love to support you! I teach my clients how to create more confidence, time, freedom, money and love. They have better relationships with themselves and with others all while learning to accomplish their dreams from a place of peace and ease.

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