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What do you want for Christmas?


Sometimes we want stuff. But we only want the stuff because of how we think it will make us feel.

Everything we want or don’t want is because of how we think it will make us feel.

Why do you want to lose weight, have more money, more time, better relationships?

Answer that and then ask why. Then ask why again and again.

This is called The Five Why Technique. It helps us discover why we really want something. Often referred to as our compelling reason.

The answer always comes down to how you think you will feel when you have it.

Maybe you will feel peace, happiness, confidence, fulfillment, security, lightheartedness or fun.

Maybe you will feel better about yourself and less stress or overwhelm.

It’s possible to feel it all when you have the tools and the support to get you there.

It’s what my clients want and what I teach them how to experience when they work with me.


What’s holding you back from creating what you really want?

Not enough time? Not enough money? Not enough belief that you can or will do it?

Life coaching is the answer to not enough. I take you through a process that helps you create more time, money, love and confidence.

Here’s what my client Michelle says about her experience working with me,

“I have tried many things before and nothing has been as effective as Marcy’s coaching. Marcy and I have coached on many areas of my life. I can honestly say she has helped me have an amazing life in all aspects. I have recommended her to my closest friends. If you really want something and have a strong desire, I believe Marcy will get you there.”


What do you want?

How about one hour a week to focus completely on you and your goal of creating the life you want.

Only you can give yourself that gift. The gift of transformation. A year of creating the impossible.

I’ve been where you are and I waited way too long before I took a chance on coaching. But when I finally invested in myself, the rate of return blew my mind and it continues to pay out for me and for others on a daily basis.

You only have one life. Choose to get all you can from it.

It changed my life and can change yours too.

I hope you get what you really want for Christmas.

Wishing you so much peace, passion and purpose!


My clients know they were meant for more and they are ready for change. After working with me they have gained confidence, created more time, freedom, money and love. They have better relationships with themselves and with others all while learning to accomplish their dreams from a place of peace and ease.

Check out some client testimonials on my home page.

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