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The way we change our life

Goal setting can be motivating or stressful.

How about for you?

Does the thought of setting a goal stress you out?

It does for a lot of my clients.

Let’s take a look at why.

Goals are simply the desired result, a destination.

Why so scary?

Well, If not managed properly, goals can take us out of gratitude and lead to focusing on what we don’t have or haven’t done.

Which can create a sense of failing or even identifying as a failure.

Which often leads to beating up on yourself and then giving up.

That’s no fun.


The problem is, we often set goals without creating a strategy for achieving them. Sure, you might have a strategy for budgeting and saving money or an eating plan or a business plan but have you ever created a belief plan?

A belief plan is how we manage and ultimately achieve our goals.

It’s the secret sauce of people who crush their goals and keep aiming higher and it’s what I teach my clients to do.

Here are the basics.

Beliefs or intentions are the way we manage our goals on a daily basis.

Intentions are the energy that fuel the actions that lead to creating the result. Intentions are about the journey, not the destination.

Thinking in this way calms our brain down so it can get to work to help us reach our goals.

Intentions allow us to focus on the present moment and consciously decide what we want to think and feel in order to accomplish our goals.

If done correctly, intentions provide a roadmap and a reminder for how to live every day.

They can provide purpose, inspiration, and motivation.

Intentions partner with and serve our goals by fueling, guiding, and directing our actions.

You will know if you are trying to achieve goals without using intentions if you are experiencing busyness, stress, or overwhelm and starting and stopping over and over again.

Or, if you just aren’t taking any action at all and feel stuck.

You will know if you are using intentions to achieve your goals if you are experiencing calm, curious, courageous energy that leads to continuous movement forward.


I show my clients how to create the perfect belief or intention for their goal and then we tweak along the way as obstacles present themselves.

By the way, obstacles are normal and necessary and help us reach our goals faster if we know how to manage them but that’s a subject for another day.

Start today, by intentionally deciding who you want to be, how you want to show up, what you wish to contribute to the world, how you choose to touch the lives of others. Personally and professionally.

Second, practice believing that it’s possible.

Third, feel the possibility in your body. It should feel open, expansive, light.

If it doesn’t, keep working on your belief until it does.

This is a signal to your brain that you are safe and that going for your goal is a good thing.

Intentions are simply thoughts and feelings that drive the actions that create our results.

They can make life more fun or more stressful.

The best part is that you get to decide.

More fun or more stress?

100% in your control.

I can teach you how.

Have an amazing week, my friend!


If you’re ready to create your most amazing year yet, I would love to support you! I teach my clients how to create more confidence, time, freedom, money, and love. Read what my current clients have to say on my home page.

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