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Do Nothing

Stress, overwhelm and lack of time is a common theme for many of my clients.

An interesting read that I’ve been referencing a lot with my clients lately

Is called “Do Nothing, How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Under Living.“

Celeste Headlee makes a well-researched case for working smarter, not harder.

She explores the history of our obsession with productivity and how it has led to a toxic culture of hustle which is contributing to our increasing numbers of depression and anxiety.

As a society, we are more affluent, more efficient, and more unhappy than ever.

And so, we continue the cycle by doing more, hoping that something will make us feel better.

I love this book because it challenges thoughts and beliefs that have unconsciously been passed down from generation to generation.

In the case of productivity, since the industrial revolution.

We do that.

As children, we accept the beliefs of our parents because we don’t yet have critical thinking skills.

And they accepted the beliefs of their parents and so on.

Those thoughts become our belief systems, and those beliefs create our lives.


The most powerful question we can ask is why?

The most productive emotion we can have is curiosity.

They both lead to intentional actions that create desired results.

Is your current belief system producing the results you want for your life?

Question them. They might be outdated.

They might have served you or the originator of the thought at the time, but because of the evolutionary nature of life, they just don’t work anymore.

They might have even been created by someone who has different values than you.

Find out. Be curious. Question.

It’s your one and only life.

Don’t blindly allow someone else to decide how you will live it.

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