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You are enough

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

One of the joys and privileges of my job as a life coach is having deep, intimate conversations with extraordinary men and women who courageously open up and reveal their hearts to me.

The most common theme of those conversations is our fear of not being enough.

Not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, organized enough….

You name it and we are not enough of it.


It is a question that we all wrestle with. Our deepest fear is that we aren’t worthy enough to be loved well.

So lets settle this once and for all.

Being enough is not a real thing.

If it was, who decides that we are enough?

Where is the dividing line of enough /not enough?

Is a baby enough?

At what age does that baby become not enough and why?


Ask yourself these questions. They don’t make sense. 


And yet, we all FEEL unworthy at times.


Because every one of us has a brain that tells us that we are.

It is the job of our very well-intentioned (if somewhat misguided) brain to protect us.

Each and every one of us has a brain that is hardwired to tell us that we are not enough in order to prevent us from doing anything that it considers risky, hard or just plain uncomfortable.

Our job is to simply understand how our brain works and then lovingly supervise it.


We each have inherent value simply because we are alive. We were created to live and to love and to do it in our own unique way.


CHOOSE to believe it. FEEL your worthiness.

DECIDE to never entertain the question of your worthiness again.

DECIDE to love your life, your body, your job, right now.

DECIDE to take the energy that you spent feeling bad about yourself and now spend it on creating the life that YOU ARE WORTHY of.

Consider this your personal invitation to create and to love the life of your dreams. All it takes is a decision.

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