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The Secret to Success

We’re always creating what we believe the most - whether we’re aware of it or not.

Good or bad, our thoughts always create our results.

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have any control over our thoughts.

They just happen.

And the truth is, you really don’t have control when you aren’t aware.

And no one teaches us how to be aware.

All our power lies in learning how to use our prefrontal cortex, our evolved brain, to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are creating our life.

This is the secret to success.

It’s described by many in many ways, but it’s really all the same thing.

It’s the skill of thinking about what you think about.

Here’s one way we can do it.

We can create awareness by doing a daily thought download.

Simply take five minutes a day and write down your thoughts without editing.

You can write whatever comes to your mind or pick a topic, like, thoughts about yourself, your day, your job, your kids, your partner, or your goal.

If you’re being honest and you don’t edit, you will uncover dozens of negative thoughts.

This is good. This is exactly what you want.

No judgment!


Negative thoughts don’t mean anything is wrong with you.

It means you have a human brain.

Remember, the primitive brain automatically thinks negatively because it’s trying to protect you. That’s its’ job.

Your job is to be aware and decide on purpose what thoughts you want to believe.

What thoughts serve you and help you to create the results that you want.

So be careful not to judge your negative thoughts.

You want clarity, so you must calm your nervous system down.

We do this by feeling compassionate curiosity for ourselves.

I love to talk to myself and say, “Oh, that’s interesting.

I wonder why I’m thinking that?”


After you do your download, take a few of those thoughts and ask yourself,

How do I feel when I think that thought?

What do I do or not do when I feel that feeling?

The effect of those actions is what’s creating your results.

And the sum of all your results creates your life.

This is why mindset matters.

Once you have awareness, you’ll know what the real problem is, and once you know what the real problem is, you can create change.

What do you want to change?

What do you wish was different?

What is your deepest desire?

To have a different result, you must think a different thought, feel a different feeling, and take a different action, all of which are entirely in your control.

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