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The most empowering question

Last week I taught the coaching concept that great answers come from great questions.  

I have had to practice what I teach! I've had a very challenging week and I noticed that I kept asking myself “How am I going to get this all done?” Not in a very positive way.  

Naturally I was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. I noticed the stress and anxiety were not serving me and not creating the results that I wanted, so I changed my question to, “What really needs to be done?”  I immediately felt relaxed and was able to do what needed to be done and think clearly enough to let the rest go. One of the things I let go was sending this weekly coaching blog and I told myself, it's okay. 

And it is okay because I get to decide. And so do you. 

We have the power to decide how we talk to our Brains.


The most powerful question any of us can ask ourselves is:

What am I thinking?

So simple and and yet so powerful.  Why? Because everything we create in life starts with a thought.  Good or bad it doesn’t matter.  All results come from our thoughts.

This is how it works:








For example:

Building a business 

Thought - Growing a business is so hard

Feeling - Discouraged

Action - Don’t take action (inaction)

Result - It is hard to grow your business 

In contrast:

Thought - Growing my business is going to be so fun!

Feeling - Excited, motivated

Action - Tell everyone about it, show up with an enthusiastic energy, do all the stuff because it's fun

Result - Have a great time building a business 


For example:  

Losing weight 

Thought - I have never been able to lose weight

Feeling - Defeated

Action - Give up, don’t try

Results - Don’t lose weight

In contrast:

Thought - I can learn to be healthy and feel great

Feeling - Curious, hopeful

Action - Google, ask for help, try new things

Result - Learn and make progress toward health and feeling good


This is the best news I have for you!

There isn’t a lot we can control in life but your thoughts and results are always within your control. 

What results are you currently experiencing? It all started with a thought. 

So ask yourself everyday, What am I thinking?

You get to decide.

Where do YOU WANT TO GO?

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