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Love is always the right answer

Well my friend, we have already had quite the year - historical and unprecedented on many fronts - and now, ready or not, we are about to enter into the heat of election season. 

What has already been a tumultuous year could get more difficult for some of us or not. My hope is that I can offer you an alternative mindset. 

I don’t watch the news and I don’t doom scroll on social media, because I want to guard my heart and mind and stay in a mental place of love and abundance. 

heart shape with two hands

But for those of us who do partake in the media I would like to offer my thoughts on how to navigate this winding and treacherous road. 

Many of us choose to simply disconnect from thoughts/opinions that you disagree with by only watching certain news shows or by blocking friends with opposing viewpoints on Facebook.  

That is one way to deal with it but I urge you not to disconnect from the people who have those opinions. 

I hear that the Facebook experience has become negative, hostile and even aggressive for some. 

Maybe its because we aren’t sharing our thoughts from a place of love.  Maybe we are indirectly or directly telling others how THEY should think, feel and act. 

No one likes that.

So they do the natural thing and fight back by telling us what we should think and feel and do. 

Now we are disconnected and in a battle. 

What is the goal here, the desired result?  To be right? To change someone’s mind?

This is not the way to do it. How can we possibly influence others from a place of judgment and disconnection? Do you listen to people who judge you and tell you what to do? Yeah, me either. 


Let’s all take some personal responsibility here and focus on our OWN thoughts, feelings and actions. 

When we act from a negative emotion we always create a negative result. 

Judgments are our thoughts about what is right and wrong. It always comes from a place of fear and it is the way our brain likes to make sense of things and create safety. 

But when we make judgments about people it always leads to disconnection. Some times we want to be disconnected from certain people and that’s okay. But if disconnection is not your goal, pause, and question your judgmental thought. 

The opposite of judgment is understanding. Understanding is the ability to objectively comprehend what another is thinking or feeling, (whether you agree or not).

Judgment shuts down, disconnects, make our world small.

Understanding opens up, connects, creates solutions, expands. 

Instead of jumping into judgment when you hear opposing opinions, (which you will hear a lot of in the coming days), try being curious.

Curiosity leads to understanding. Understanding leads to compassion. 

Compassion leads to love. 

And Love, in my opinion, is always the “right” answer. 

I hope you have an amazing week full of lots of love. 

If you would like more love, peace, passion or purpose in your life I can teach you how to create it.  Contact me!

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