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  • Marcy Kocher

Limiting Beliefs

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you think so often that they become part of your automatic subconscious mind.

It’s theorized that many of your belief systems develop between the age of zero and seven.

That means your current beliefs about yourself, others, the world, love, money, time, God, and other things are dictated by a seven-year-old.

Some of these beliefs can be empowering, supportive and positive.

Other beliefs hold you back from your deepest desires.

These are what we call limiting beliefs as they create ‘limits’ on what we call into our world.

Your life is like a mirror reflecting back to you your current beliefs.

And that’s good news because you can learn to control your thoughts and beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are unhelpful, unsupportive, and often painful thoughts that block you from what you want.

Limiting beliefs influence how you think, how you feel, what you do or don’t do, how you make decisions, opportunities you see or don’t see, take or don’t take, and how you relate to others.

Limiting beliefs are primarily subconscious.

They block possibility because you can’t see them.

Like a fish doesn’t see water.

They are deep neural grooves that feel true.

They feel like a part of you.

It often takes someone on the outside to see them and point them out for you to become aware.

Last week I mentioned one of mine.

Here are some others that I’ve discovered.

I don’t matter.

What I want doesn’t matter.

I’m all alone.

I’m on my own.

It’s all up to me.

Can you imagine what my life would be like if I allowed those beliefs to be in charge?

It wasn’t pretty.

I don’t know where these beliefs came from, although I have some guesses.

But it really doesn’t matter where or when these beliefs originated.

What matters is I’m now aware of them and that they do not create good results in my life.

When you bring your limiting beliefs to your consciousness, you can question them and decide to integrate or let them go.

You get to decide consciously what belief you want running the show.


Limiting beliefs are outdated programs that need to be updated.

Overcoming limiting beliefs is a three-step process.

Uncovering your current belief system.

Learning to integrate or release them.

And reprogramming new, more helpful, more loving, more abundant beliefs.

I take my clients through this process in a safe, loving environment.

It isn’t linear.

It can get messy.

And the growth, freedom, and joy make it all worth it.


What if there is more available to you than you could ever imagine?

I bet goldfish can’t imagine what life is like outside their bowls.

But you can.

Start living your life on purpose.

Allow that seven-year-old to take a break and allow the person you know you are to be in charge.

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