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Let’s talk about love

February is the month of love. Pink hearts, red roses, chocolate, and romance.

But what is love, really?

Love is an emotion. And it’s my favorite emotion.

An emotion is simply a physical vibration in our body.

Emotion = energy in motion

For me, the vibration feels warm, open, light, and expansive.

I feel it in my chest then it radiates throughout my body.

Emotions drive our actions.

When I feel love, it drives me to do or not do certain things.

This is why love is my favorite.

When I feel love, I show up as the most authentic version of myself, creating the most authentic version of my life.

I can feel love for my family, my friends, and strangers.

I can feel love for my clients.

I can feel love for my business.

I can feel love for animals and nature, and the world.

I can feel love for my home, backyard, and bed.

I can feel love for myself, my heart, mind, and body.

It’s a conscious choice that I make over and over again.

It’s always available. It’s always an option.

And it’s my favorite option because it feels good, it feels powerful, and it drives me to create the life that I was meant for.


It’s my superpower. It’s your superpower too.

Love is what you were created for. It’s who you are.

No one gives it to you.

It is you.

We don’t feel it when someone loves us.

Their love doesn’t jump out of their body and into ours.

We feel it when we think thoughts that create love.

Feeling love is our responsibility. It is 100% up to us.

It’s healing; it’s liberating, and it’s boundless.

It’s the most abundant way of living that I know.

It’s a life skill that you can learn.

And we can get better and better at accessing it and staying in it.

Once we learn how to tap into this unlimited resource, everything else seems to fall into place.

You were made for this. Why choose anything less?

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