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Let’s talk about happiness

Happiness is an emotion.

Emotion is simply a vibration in your body.

Emotion = Energy in motion

Thoughts create our emotions. No exceptions.

This can be hard for us to accept. We want to think that our circumstances cause our emotions.

For example, consider if someone you love dies. You feel sad.

You think that their death creates sadness but what if they die and you don’t know about it?

You feel nothing.

You could actually be laughing and enjoying the very moment of their death.

You only feel sad after you have a thought about it.



I thought we were talking about happiness here. What does the death of a loved one have to do with happiness?

Good question.

Step one to happiness is...

We must understand that we aren’t supposed to be happy all the time and we actually don’t want to be happy all the time.

We are human beings who experience a wide variety of circumstances that we have thoughts about.

We probably don’t want to feel happy when someone we love dies.

However, we often put this unrealistic expectation on ourselves that we should be happy all the time.

And when we aren’t, we think something has gone wrong.

And when we think something has gone wrong we don’t feel happy.

I see this constantly with people who frequently use social media.

Our brain is consumed with seeing everyone’s “happy Facebook life” and so we naturally ask ourselves, what’s wrong with me?

I’m not happy all the time.

My life doesn’t look like that.

Neither does theirs.


Life is always 50/50.

No matter how “good” our life is, there will always be hard times.

It’s just the way life is.

It’s normal and its purposeful. Nothing has gone wrong.

The contrast is actually what helps us experience happiness.

Without sadness we wouldn’t know what happiness is.

Without darkness there is no light. It’s a universal truth.

When we understand this basic truth of life we can stop the unrealistic expectations, accept all parts of life and live more fully and deeply and appreciate the good times so much more.

Which leads to happiness.

So take the pressure off. Happiness is amazing. But so is sadness.

It allows us to live fully, experience all that life has to offer, grow into the beautiful human being that you are and share yourself and your experience with the world.

I hope you experience ALL the things that life has to offer. If you need my help creating a life of passion, purpose and peace, contact me for a free session.

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