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How to talk to your brain | Part two

In an earlier post, I mentioned that your brain will do what you tell it to do. 

If you tell it, “I can’t.”  It won’t.

If you ask it,  “how can I?” it will search for answers.

We talk to ourselves all day everyday. Most of our thoughts are subconscious but we can learn to notice them and change them to help us get the results we want. 

Awareness is the beginning of greatness.

Do your thoughts tend to be negative or positive?

For example, my weight loss clients often ask themselves, “why can’t I lose weight?” or “What is wrong with me?”

The problem is that they have just incorporated a negative belief into a very powerful question. Their brain will now go to work to prove that negative belief correct. It will offer negative, self defeating answers.

Some common answers are:

You don’t have enough willpower.

You don’t have enough time.

It’s hereditary and you have no control.

Can you see how none of those answers would serve them?

The trick to getting your brain to work FOR you is to change the question so that it incorporates a positive, empowering belief.

How can I lose weight permanently and enjoy life at the same time?

If someone practiced this question daily their brain would likely come up with creative ideas that move them into action.

You can use this technique in every area of your life.

What is one thing I can do to build my business today?

How can I make today better than yesterday?

How can I make my future better than my past?

How can I honor my body today?

What do I love about myself?

How can I make myself a priority so I have more to give to others?

This takes time and practice but answers will come.


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