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How to talk to your brain

I am back in the country after a wonderful get away to the warm and sunny Mexican Riviera Maya.

Years ago I would never have thought that this kind of luxurious vacation was possible for me. In fact, I would have thought, “I can’t do that.” I used to think that I couldn’t do a lot of things that I am doing now. 

I learned from my coach that your Brain will do what you tell it to do.  

If you tell it, “I can’t” it will believe you and not do it. 

Your brain is incredibly efficient and will not use up its precious energy if you tell it not to.

However, simply rewording your sentence opens up a world of possibility.

“How can I?” 

Now your brain will go to work for you by searching for answers.

“I can’t” shuts down possibility.

“How can I?” opens it up.

Never allow yourself to think thoughts that limit you and keep you stuck, such as:

I can’t...

I don’t know...

I’m not good at...

Instead think thoughts that are positive and curious that create growth and action.

How can I...

I wonder how...

I can figure this out...

You were created for more than you can possibly imagine and your brain is the way to get you there.

You just need to learn how to train it to work for you.

I learned how to do it and it radically changed my life.

I can teach you how to do it too. 

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