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  • Marcy Kocher

Happy Old Year!

I hope you’re looking forward to the new year.


I am. New is exciting for our brain. 


Let me give you a tip on starting your new year on the right foot. 


It starts with looking back. 


We’re taught to plan our New Year resolutions (goals) from a place of scarcity. 


We start by thinking about what’s NOT working or what we haven’t done. 


This is one of the reasons why resolutions rarely work. 


When we create from a scarcity mindset, we create more scarcity.


And when we create from an abundant mindset, we create more abundance. 


When we focus on the positive - what is working - it helps our brain to be more intelligent, more creative, and more solution-oriented. 


This creates momentum - the key to consistency and success. 


How we think about where we’ve been and where we currently are is essential in getting us to where we want to go. 

So let’s celebrate the new year by celebrating the old year first. 


This is something my husband and I do together every New Year’s Day. 


The purpose is to show your brain what’s working so you can continue to grow and thrive into the new year. 


We start by finding the success (what’s working) in different areas of our life, such as our:


  • Professional life

  • Personal life

  • Physical life

  • Spiritual life

  • Homelife

  • Financial life

  • Relational life



We have a notebook, and we write down all our successes.


 Then we spend time acknowledging and celebrating them!


Here are a few prompts to help you find success:


 ~ What did you accomplish last year in each of the above areas?


~ Did you do something hard, new, figure something out?


~ Have you been consistent, managed your time or your mind?


~ Did you create value, serve, or connect?


~ Were you proactive instead of reactive?


~ Did you show up in any of these areas as the person you want to be? 


After you celebrate all your successes and you’re feeling great (abundant),


review the list again and decide what you want to create for the new year. 


Be very specific. 


This helps direct your brain to go to work for you and help you create the life you want. 


What do you want more of?


What do you want less of?


What projects, dreams, desires, and relationships do you want to nurture?


What qualities do you want to develop in yourself? 


Which of these areas do you need support or encouragement in?


How can you love yourself and others more in 2023? 


When you deliberately show your brain what’s working first, it automatically looks for and creates more. 


Cheers to you and to all the amazing things you created last year!

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