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Disagreeing is not a problem.

Thanksgiving might look a little or ... a lot different this year.

We are in a pandemic. This is something that most of us have never experienced in our lifetime and a lot of us are struggling with how to incorporate the holidays into this reality.

No matter what your opinion is on the subject, and there are a lot of opinions, it’s here and we must all decide how we want to respond.

The question of who is right or wrong can lead to frustration, resentment and disconnection.

It’s lose - lose.

A better question is, who do YOU want to be in the midst of this reality and how do you want to show up for you, for your loved ones, for the world.

Ultimately that is the only thing we can control.

We can’t control the pandemic and we can’t control how others respond to it but we can always control how we respond.


It’s important to remember that we are not obligated to do anything we don’t want to to. We are adults and we always have a choice.


All of us.

Even those that we disagree with.

It may not be an easy choice and some may not like our choice and we might not like their choice and that's okay.

This is hard but we are good at doing hard things.


Something that helps my clients in circumstances like these is understanding the difference between boundaries and control.

Control is telling someone what to do.

A boundary is telling someone what YOU will do.

People disagreeing with us is not a problem.

It’s all part of the human experience and it’s all FOR us.

Trust yourself, have your own back no matter what, let others experience their own thoughts and feelings, respond with love and understanding and you can’t go wrong.


Do you struggle with people pleasing? Unrealistic expectations of yourself or others? Do you long for a fun, peaceful, loving, meaningful, relaxing holiday season? What if it was all possible?

It’s my passion to let you know that it is. I would love to help you navigate through the holidays and beyond. Allow me to help you intentionally create the life that you know you were made for. Reach out for a free consultation. It just might be life changing.

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