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  • Marcy Kocher


Have you heard the story of the pot roast?

It goes something like this;

A mom is preparing a pot roast for dinner and meticulously cuts the ends off before putting it in the pan.

Her daughter, who is helping, asks why she cut the ends off.

The mom replies I don’t know. That’s just how my mother always did it.

Why don’t you ask your grandmother?

She does and gets the same response.

So she goes to her great-grandmother and asks the same question.

The great-grandmother replies I cut the ends off because the roast didn’t fit in the pan!

The moral of the story? I think there are a few.

But for the purpose of preparing for the holidays, it reminds us that it’s not always a good idea to do something just because everyone else is doing it.

To fully enjoy the holiday season, let’s stop and think about WHY we do what we do.

And when we know why, we can decide if we want to continue or do something else.

Years ago, one of my kids asked me why we had ham for Christmas dinner.

Good question.

I’d never really thought about it.

It’s what my mom and my grandmother always made for Christmas.

My son’s question created awareness.

And as we all discussed it, it turned out that none of us even liked ham.

That year, we decided to have steak and crab legs, and it was much more memorable and enjoyable.

Did you know you get to decide?

I know it sounds crazy.

But as I’ve discussed the holidays with my clients over the years, I’ve discovered many ways to celebrate.

Some love to stay in their pajamas all day, while others love to get dressed up and go out.

There is no “right” way.

Last week, I asked you what you love about the holiday season and what you dread.

I got some very interesting and very different responses, but they all come down to this.

We dread what we believe is happening to us.

We look forward to things we make happen.


And many of you think you don’t have choices.

Many of you think you must do it the way it’s always been done because that’s what’s expected of you.


I’m here to tell you that you always have a choice.

When we understand we have choices, we are free.

And when we really get that we’re free, we experience joy.

So my question for you this week is, where and when do you feel you don’t have choices?

Does it come from what others might expect of you?

Or maybe what you expect of yourself?

Or maybe something else?

Hit reply and let me know what you discover.

Your discoveries and awareness are the starting point for your freedom and joy.

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