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A Gift for You

Psychologist Abraham Maslow is best known for his 1943 Theory of Motivation which has easily withstood the test of time.

This theory states, people are motivated by five categories of needs.

Self-actualization is considered the peak of human potential.

Self-actualized people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested in fulfilling their potential.

Self-actualized people are not afraid of the unknown.

They have confidence in themselves to figure it out.

They accept themselves and others as they are.

They appreciate the experience of the journey and not just the destination.

They have a sense of purpose and don’t look for a purpose outside themselves.

They are grateful, humble, and open to growth.

They have meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

They are not passively molded by the culture but live thoughtfully and intentionally.

They enjoy life and find meaning in all its ups and downs.

According to Maslow, all humans have an inborn desire for self-actualization.


It’s a desire, not a need.

So, you don’t need coaching.

You need food, water, shelter, and safety.

You don’t need coaching.

You aren’t broken. You don’t need to be fixed.

You are worthy, whole, and perfect just as you are.

But we live in an unprecedented time of history where many of us have our basic needs met, affording us the luxury of climbing up Maslow’s hierarchy and reaching our full potential as a person.

If self-actualization sounds desirable to you, I have a process for getting you there.

So if you relate to some of my client’s who often express things like,

not feeling fulfilled, believing you were meant for more, feeling guilty because your life is good and you should be happy, but something is missing, or you are just tired of living in a constant state of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm,

You don’t need coaching, but you might want it.

Coaching is a gift we give ourselves because we’re ready for more, and we want to live this one precious life from a place of passion, purpose, and peace.

And consequently, it’s a gift we pass on to our loved ones and the next generation as we begin to affect those around us positively.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you learn and teach valuable concepts, tools, and techniques that rewire your brain to work for you instead of against you.


If you’ve been curious about coaching, now is your chance to experience it.

In the spirit of the season of giving, I am giving away a complimentary one-hour phone coaching session to three people.

Need help navigating the holidays? Difficult relationships? Overwhelm? Anxiety? People-pleasing? Marriage? Kids? Creating or accomplishing goals?

Let’s figure out where you are and where you want to be.

Simply click this button and book your free consult call. It's that easy.

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