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I recently read an interesting book by psychologist Dacher Keltner called,

Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life.

He says, “ Awe is an emotion we experience when we encounter vast mysteries that we don’t understand.”

“It doesn’t require money or even much time.”

His research suggests a couple of minutes a day will do.

“…awe brings us joy, meaning, and community, along with healthier bodies and more creative minds.”

In essence, awe transforms us by quieting the critical, negative, primitive part of the brain that’s always looking for problems.

We often experience awe in large events like birth and death.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I shared how I was in awe of the passersby who stopped along the side of the road to show their respects to a funeral procession.

But we can experience awe every day as well.

For example, I remember going for walks with my kids when they were three years old.

I loved how they would stop, squat, and examine every ant, every rock, every flower along the way.

Nothing was ignored or taken for granted, and I began to see the magic in the mundane through their young eyes.

I was awakened to the beauty and complexity of creation once again.

We experienced awe and wonder together, and I felt so energized and alive.


We don’t need to go on walks with three-year-olds to experience this in our daily lives.

Although it certainly helps.

We just need to practice presence, and summer is a great time to do this.

Life is blooming all around us, demanding our attention and appreciation.

Give it!

It’s so good for your brain, body, and heart.

I’ve been intentionally practicing this lately on my morning walks.

Instead of putting my AirPods in, I connect to myself and take time to notice.

It’s honestly been transformational.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was for quiet, connection, and the luxury of just allowing my mind to rest and wander.

Awe moves us to deepen our relationship with life and be present, appreciative, creative, joyful, curious, and open.

It helps us become kinder, softer, and lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

As we move into summer I hope you take time to experience awe and enjoy every minute of this magical season.

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